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I've lost a few days   
04:16pm 08/08/2012
mood: hot
I seem to have misplaced a couple days since my flight into Long Beach on Saturday. I went to bed early Friday night after checking that everything was packed. My sleep was crap. I woke up at 5 in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep for a while and when I did find slumber once more I had barely closed my eyes when my iPod screeched at me to wake up. I stopped by Starbucks on the way out to get Teri and drink for being up so early with me during a weekend day and of course one for myself for loss of sleep. I burned my tongue on the first sip of course.

We made it to the airport about an little over an hour before I was to fly out. JetBlue and Southwest have their own brand spankin' new terminal. It was all windows and metal and bright shining gleaming surfaces. Check in was over in 10 minutes and I rode the escalator to the trams which were busing passengers to another section of the terminal. Between the new surroundings and the trams I felt like I was in some sci-fi flick. The line for security check was long and it took about 20 minutes to make it to the front by which time I had finished and disposed my coffee cup. Once through I strolled and surveyed the terminals other half with its stores, restaurants and coffee cafe's.

Our plane came in, unloaded its passengers and we were loaded in about half an hour. I had a middle seat between two elderly women. We left on time and experienced some turbulence during the flight which I enjoyed. Am I the only one that enjoys it? I'm kind of curious. The coffee had left me parched so I drank some water and a can of Sprite during the ride. As we started our decent messages from my bladder notified my brain it had reached maximum capacity and all the recent liquid I had just swallowed didn't help manners. We landed earlier than scheduled and I couldn't get off the plane fast enough. I really worried about my bladder letting loose on me as I made my trek from the plane and into the terminal. I had reached a point where I was tempted to start pushing people out of the way. Mental Note: I will never drink during a flight ever again

My trip to the loo and stop by the luggage carousel was over into another 20 minutes. I had another wait of a few minutes before mum arrive with a few friends I haven't seen in 8 years, LC & KJ. They were taller and older and dammit when did they get so big?! LC is in college and KJ is about to start middle school.
More later, I need to find something to cool me down. It's so hot in my mum's house right now.
10:31pm 03/08/2012
mood: full
I'm all packed for tomorrows flight to Long Beach. My mum will be picking me up. I've resigned myself to not worrying about money for doing things while I'm down there. I'm sure there will be plenty to keep me occupied while I'm visiting that doesn't involve money. Sunday I'll be in Los Angeles with family and friends. We're going to hit up this two story music and video place called Amoeba. I'll just be going with the flow during my visit.

I'm up later that I wanted to be. My flight leaves at nine which means I have to be up at 6am in order to make it to the airport on time. It's my vacation, isn't there some law against having to get up at 6am during it? =) Ah well, goodnight all.
90 degrees from yesterday   
06:29pm 01/08/2012
mood: okay
I'm not feeling nearly as bad today as I did yesterday though it did feel good to vent. That's what LJ is for right? Well that amongst other things.

I saw one of my grandsons this morning when I dropped Teri and Cassie at Dea's so they could watch him and our other grandson. I love that he asks us to make him coffee every morning even if we're only making him that Nestle breakfast drink stuff they advertise. He helps make it too by getting the spoon out, scooping the chocolaty powder out and into his Disney Cars cup, then after the milk he stirs it and then I get to finish stirring it. He then screws the lid on all by himself. He's been doing this for months but I never cease to be proud of him for asking so nicely to make coffee and how much he helps with the process.

I finally finished Les Mis on Friday, and am almost halfway through Pride & Prejudice. I'm not sure how I feel about the end of Les Mis. I thinks it's a bit of sadness maybe even heartbreak for Jean's character and boy did Hugo ever carry on about things. I would read it again and am contemplating picking it up when I have the extra money for it. I would like to watch Les Mis as a miniseries as long as it was true to the book. I know it was developed into a music and said musical seems to be quite popular however I don't like musicals. The characters breaking into song mid story seems to ruin the momentum of movie for me.

So why is the title of this entry so named? Let's take into account the phrase "they did a 180". What I speak of is a more emotional sense. I'm not really feeling the despair or distress at the moment but neither am I jubilant. So if I'm in the middle what does that make it? You go it ;)

I have to go to class now.
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The Dark Knight Marathon    
06:22pm 30/07/2012
mood: happy
When it was announced on Yahoo that tickets were on sale for the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises a little over a month and a half ago I quickly directed my browser to Fandango and bought a ticket to the theatre closest to me. $11.75 later, and not $10.75 because Fandango charges a $1 service fee, I had my midnight ticket to the 12:01 showing. During the checkout process I saw an ad for The Dark Knight marathon and told Fandango to let me know when tickets for it would be on sale for it in my area. While going to the marathon had not been the original plan, if the price seemed reasonable and time permitted I would go to the marathon and I therefore kept it on the proverbial backburner of my mind. I had applied for that Friday off as soon as I bought the ticket, since I expected not to get home until after 3am. The time off was approved.

A few weeks later I saw The Avengers again with my mother and two brothers at a theater about 20 minutes away in Roseville. As we left the theater I saw a poster for the marathon and inquired as to the cost. It would be $30. The next day, which happened to be a week away from opening night (Thursday), I called the theater where I purchased my ticket. The young woman on the phone assured me that I could bring my Fandango ticket in and upgrade it. I went directly over to the theater after work and upgraded by ticket for $20. Since the marathon would be starting at 6:15 on Thursday I wanted to get a jump on things and decided put in to leave at 3 that day and was thus approved for it. Every installment of Nolans Batman movies seems to gain an extra 15 minutes of playing time, not that I am complaining about it.

The week passed by quickly. Two days before I was to go see the marathon, Fandango finally sent me an email saying that the marathons in my area were sold out and provided me with locations in other states where I could see it. What happened to the email letting me know it was available in my area? Yeah, it never went out. Thanks for the heads up Fandango. If I hadn’t pursued it of my own accord I would have missed the event.
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Was I glad to go to the marathon? Hell yeah! Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! I am even contemplating holding my own at the house once it's released to DVD
Grocery Shopping and Les Mis   
05:00am 27/07/2012
mood: tired
Nothing of import happened at work today. It was just the daily mundane things. Upon returning home I decided it was finally time to drag my Teri out of the house for some grocery shopping. I decided to take the surface streets to WinCo thus avoiding the traffic on 65. Then it was the same ol wandering about and putting things in the cart. Very little really of note.

For dinner we decided to season up some chicken and have salads. It was a decent light meal.

I never did get a chance to finish reading Les Mis today but I can tell I'm at the end. Marius (every time I read his name I think of Anne Rice) has discovered Jean's identity and he's wrestling with it after kicking him out of the house. It may be I actually do see the movie when in comes out at the end of the year.

And yes I'm listing to REO Speedwagon because while I've seen their name I still had no idea who they are and of the three songs I've heard by them I've only recognized one of them.
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4 score and 7 years ago   
10:16pm 25/07/2012
mood: full
A rediscovered past time. A forgotten outlet pointed out by a dear friend. An excuse to try writing again. Jonathan and Katie have moved out and we have moved out of the Maui house due to issues with the landlord, who got foreclosed on while we were there. The new owners more or less booted us out. With no place to go, and with the help of Gina and Chris we moved out, tooks about 1600lbs of junk to the landfill and moved in with Dea. This was all in May of 2011.

I have three grandkids, Dea is married to a wonderful man and has two beautiful children by him. After our stint living with Dea and her family Teri and I were able to find another house and moved into it last September with Cassie. D'Lel died a few months ago. I still have Saoirse. Mena is immortal because she's still alive and leaving hairballs around the house like nobodys business. We still have Schmousy and Cooper.

Times are tight. The Depression continues. The title of this entry so named because it's been 4 years since I deigned to touch this thing. LiveJournal being blocked at work didn't exactly help matters either.

This is the perfect place to relate my Dark Knight Rises marathon which shall be saved for another entry. I expect to finish reading Les Miserables tomorrow. I am 33 so speak to me in a language I can hear and humour me before I have to go.
Impulsive? Me? Never.   
02:30pm 07/12/2008
mood: calm
I decided to cut four inches off my hair today with no more thought than I give breathing. It's strange having my hair this short again.
And life goes on   
09:52pm 29/08/2008
mood: gloomy
I'm made it, sort of, into my next English class, Advanced College Comp and Critical Thinking. I say sort of because although I put my name on the add number slot, I forgot to write my add number down. Yeah, I feel like a freakin ditz. I sent an e-mail to my professor to see if she would mind e-mailing the add number to me so I can take her class.

I met a few delightful individuals during my Writing Lit Fiction class last semester. There were four of us that just hung out with each other when class let out early, two of which, I'm interested in hanging out with outside the college atmosphere too. Unfortunately, one of them went back to North Carolina because she attends an all girls school there and was only in Sacramento for the summer, and the other one, which is the one I get along with the best out of the group is a young woman of 17. Fucking hell.

At work we're gearing up for the busy season, but I'm debating dropping the best office job in the world for going to school full time and hunting down a part time job in our less than illustrious economy.

What am I going to do?
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How to celebrate a decade of friendship   
09:24pm 15/08/2008
mood: grateful
My great-friend, whom I call my brother, Josef flew up on July 3rd. I had been watching his itenerary via the airline web site and discovered halfway through inhaling my sloppy joes that his flight had arrived early so I flew out the door (pun intended) to go pick him up. I have never been to the airport by myself and had to fight holiday traffic but at least it wasn't Christmas or Thanksgiving. I eased my way through it and found my (best)man ready to go. He only had to wait twenty minutes for me and I felt a little bad he even had to wait that long, but it was kosher. He didn't mind waiting that much.
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09:19pm 15/08/2008
mood: accomplished
In other news I passed my Creative Lit. Fiction Writing class with an 'A', and without killing my 'disorganized clear as mud' professor. I am never taking a 3 unit 8 week class again. If you even catch me comtemplating it, stop by my place and insist I commit hari kari first. I have the sword and the dagger. All you have to do is stand there. ;-)

I may have made a few friends in the class that I hang out with outside of the the college atmosphere. I hope to see them more but it's one of those things where I'm not ever sure I'll ever hear from them again even though we exchanged numbers and Space addresses.
09:03pm 15/08/2008
mood: weird
Let's be honost here. I've reached a point where I don't give a shit about my job and thus pretty much fucked off a lot of the time. The fucking off was me mainly concentrating on my mountain of homework. Blah blah, most of you have already heard about this. I'm sick of the job and don't want to be there, but in the nosediving economy it would be stupid to get fired and then try to find another job. The higher ups took notice of my laxadaisical behaviour and I was called into the office on Wednesday where Lisa J, Cathy and our main HR person handed me a paper that outlined said major fuck ups and said shape up or get the hel out of here and here's how you can save yourself. Bloody dishounourable that's what I am. I was a disgrace and the work is so tedious I see how someone could lose it and just take everyone out. Lisa J. and Cathy save my ass. I signed the paper but I still feel that pendulum swinging above my head, back and forth. I've used up all my chances.

Today they laid off 5 people and I was freaking astonished. They were good people who did their jobs better than I've been doing in the past month. I feel like the survivor of some bloody horrible accident and I feel like shit.
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The Dark Knight   
10:56am 29/07/2008
mood: excited
As many know it came out two weeks ago and I've wanted to see it since. I made a deal with my Mum that I wouldn't see it until she came up. However it has been difficult because of all the positive feedback I've heard from multiple sources. My professor and a few of my classmates were talking about it during my fiction writing class. Me and a few others had to leave the room so it wasn't spoiled for us, especially since my professor has a bad habit of ruining movies.

I almost went to see it by myself last week but I resisted. I filled the need to see it, however brief it might have been by going to the $3 theatre and catching The Hulk with Ed Norton and then Indiana Jones 4. The Hulk was a lot better than Indiana which proved to be a mix of Indiana meets X-Files. If you really want to see Indiana, rent it!

I have the day off work and my Mum and brother are here so today at at 2PM were going to see the movie.
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07:03pm 11/07/2008
mood: busy
My Fiction Writing accelerated class is killing me. Lots of papers to peer review, lots of textbook reading and turning in either a reading response or a story every class. Holy flying squirrels! I have a long story, 10 pages max due by Wednesday. Shit!

Things lately haven't been all bad though. Josefs most awesome visit will be covered in the next entry. I heard from Tiffany a couple days ago. She and Ricky are still working on getting the photo's from our Las Vegas trip together. They mentioned coming up to visit but I think it's going to be a while before they do.

My sisters are running around (not literally) on their crutches almost as though the accident never happened. They are doing better than expected. Thank goodness! The weekend after Jenny left she went up to Humboldt county to go camping with her boyfriend and a friend. Both Jenny and Becky have the next month off of work to recuperate and Jenny doesn't know what to do with all the time off. She really hasn't had a long break for a very long time, say summer vacation during her high school years. Yeah.
what next   
11:41pm 25/06/2008
mood: frustrated
I took tomorrow off because my sisters and Kasey were going to come up and visit me today. Then at the last minute, my uncle flaked and said Kasey couldn't come so it was just Jenny and Becca. Feeling a bit disappointed I was still looking forward to my sisters arrival. However on their way up here a strong gust of wind blew them into a ditch and as Jenny tried to gain control of her car and edge it back onto the road another large gust of wind rolled the car back down into the ditch.

They ended up having to go to the hospital. Jenny hurt her back, one of the 'wings' of a vertebrae snapped off and her pelvis is fractured where the leg meets it. Becca's as banged up as Jenny but the X-rays didn't reveal anything. They were given morphine and have a perscription for Vikaden for the pain. They're meeting my Mum and Ernie in Los Banos, which is 141 miles, approx. a 2 1/2 hour drive south from here. Teri and Cassie picked them up at the hospital after they found out about the accident at 6pm this evening. Right now Teri's driving about looking for the hotel my Mum booked before she started the drive up.

On top of that, my professor informed us that our stories cannot contain suicide, rape, incest or cancer as a main form of conflict, and nothing put in that's extremely shocking within the stories we're writing. I just finished my 3rd short story which hinted at a rape and had some pretty shocking details within, and turned it in at the beginning of class tonight. What the fuck! He waits until were halfway through with the class for the evening to tell us that! He should have told us this on the first day of class. He has some serious communication and organizational issues. I would really like to wring his neck right now.

Edit: It's a good thing Kasey didn't go, as she would have been in the same situation! Damn I miss my cousins.
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07:32pm 20/06/2008
mood: excited
I've turned in two of the 5 short stories for my creative writing class so far and I wasn't completely satisfied with either of them. We have two pages max to put together something and I'm having a bitch of a time keeping it under two pages because the characters leap to mind so full of life I'm focusing more on what is happening to them and not any of the internal thought processes, which I admit I am not adept at. It bloody frustating trying to keep it under.

In other news Cooper has developed a bad habit of chewing on his left back foot. We're taking him to the vet on Tuesday to get him looked over and have the microchip reset with our info. At the moment Teri is spraying the foot with hydrocortesone, which when applied causes Mr. Cooper to lunge dramatically forward onto the floor and rub his snout back and forth on it.

Oh, and it's a little warm out side, maybe 101 degrees. Yeah, summer is here.

But the most important thing worth mentioning is Josef is flying up on the 3rd to spend the 4th of July weekend with us. Giddy as all get out I tell ya. =DD
09:37pm 13/06/2008
mood: excited
My Tsukiko Amano CD is here from South Korea and I just ordered it last week! Holy shit, I was expecting it to take a month to get here. *bouncebouncebounce* Hell yeeeeaah!
There can be only one   
09:16pm 13/06/2008
mood: accomplished
A friend (Loretta) from work sent out an e-mail on Wednesday stating that she had a friend (Toni) with a rescue organization who had been surrendered a West Highland White Terrier (aka Westies, White Highland, or Highlanders) because he didn't get along with dogs, and that particular owner wanted dogs. Toni, a member of the Westie Kennel Club was going to give the guy over for free to a good home. After looking at the e-mail I figured out what Teri's birthday, which was yesterday would be, if she agreed to meet and adopt the animal. After e-mailing back and forth, Loretta contacted Toni and an appointment was set up.

Yesterday Teri, Cassie and I went to visit Toni and meet Cooper, the name of the terrier. The little guy was very enthusiatic and we decided to take him on the spot even though his ability to get along with cats was up in the air. We were willing to spend the time to acclimate him to our cats if need be, and knowing our cats, they would kick Coopers furry ass if need be.

Teri is very happy with her birthday present. She owned a Scottish Terrier for a number of years and is familiar with the temperments of terriers. Teri and I have been reading over literature, web sites and Loretta also gave me a copy of Cesar's Way too, so we are prepared to further Mr. Cooper (MacLeod's [hahaha!]) training to get the maximum benefit out our mutual relationship with him. I'm sure we'll have wearing black and ready to take off immortal's heads in no time. I'll be putting up pictures of our dear Cooper when I figure out how to get the damn camera to connect to the compy.
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Live in Vegas! Part 3 of 3   
09:50pm 04/06/2008
mood: sore
We left off with us walking further into the Venetion after coming out of the Stupid Clothes store.

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Windwaker on Gamecube   
07:18pm 02/06/2008
mood: accomplished
I finally beat LOZ: Windwaker yesterday. It took me hours to figure out how to beat Ganon's real form. Yea gods it was frustrating. I came very close to giving up.

I still need to finish FF 12 and I'm going to go through Castlevania: Curse of Darkness again. Speaking of Curse of Darkness I found the soundtrack for it, a 2 cd set for $12 on Saturday, and the sountrack for the Tenchi Muyo OVA for $5. Words cannot describe how awesome it was to find such valuables at such a low price.
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High Schools Out Forever!   
07:05pm 02/06/2008
mood: calm
Jonathon and Katie graduated on Friday. Teri and I gave them each a card and a Target gift card before they left the house because they wouldn't be around for long after the graduation ceremony. They rebelled and wore what they wanted under their gowns which pleased me to no end. The males gowns were black and the womens were red, and there were 365 kids in the graduating class. The ceremony started at 7 and ran until about 8:30. Jonathons's biological father, stepmom and stepsister made it. It amazed me how much Kate (stepsister) had grown since I last saw her, but then again it had been over 6 months since I'd seen her. Gina, Ramon, Jason and Chris were also able to make it.

When the ceremony ended we greeted the graduates and congratulated them. Cassie hung back and took pictures. We left them a few minutes later so they could get changed for their Sober Grad Night where they would be going to Sunsplash where a night full of swimming, racing carts, lazer tag, free pizza, soda and arcade games awaited them. They would be there from 9pm-5am.

Cassie left with Teri and I. Teri and I stopped by the house before deciding to go have dinner at Black Angus, a place we haven't been to for over a year. Cassie stayed behind to wait for Gina to pick her up and taker her away for a few days.

We arrive about half hour until closing but still received great service. I tried their mushroom and bleu cheese filet mignon. It came with a baked potato which I requested stuffed. We left very full and I crashed soon after we returned home.